Basic Plasma Physics
Invited Speakers

1. Chuan Sheng Liu(Chao Kuang Piu College, Macau University), 2D plasma wave with its unique dispersion, frequency proportional
  to squared root of k
2  Shogo Isayama(National Central University, Taiwan ),Self-consistent model of the helicon discharge
3. Nirmal Kumar Bisai(Institute for Plasma Research, Bhat, Gandhinagar), Neutral gas on edge and Scrape-off layer tokamak plasma turbulence
4. Michael Bonitz (Inst. of Theoretisch Physik & Astrophysik, Chritian-Albrechts-Universitat zu Kiel, Kiel, Germany), Theory and simulation
  of strongly correlated complex plasmas
5. Jiamin Yang (Research Center of Laser Fusion, CAEP, China), X-ray Properties of Warm/Hot Dense Plasmas Generated on High power laser Facilities
6. Swadesh Mahajan(IFS, U. Texas),Relativistic Plasma physics- The Electro-Vortical field - Theory and Applications
7. Surabhi Jaiswal (IPR), Precursor solitons in a flowing complex plasma
8. K. Avinash(Department of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi, Delhi, India), The study on plasma heating by electric field compression.
9. Amar Prasad Misra (VISVA-BHARATI UNIVERSITY), Nonlinear Landau Damping in Quantum Plasmas
10. Ke Yao(Institute of Modern Physics, Fudan Univ.), Overview of A&M research at Shanghai EBIT for fusion research
11. Roger Hutton(Institute of Modern Physics, Fudan Univ.), Magnetic Field Induced Transitions in Highly Charged Ions with Applications to Celestial
   and Fusion Plasma Diagnostics.
12. F. Doveil(Aix-Marseille University), Lamb shift and measurement of static and fluctuating electric fields in plasmas
13. Nareshpal Singh Saini (GURU NANAK DEV UNIVERSITY),  Nonlinear Structures in Dusty Plasmas 
14. Ashish Ganguli (Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India), Plasma Acceleration using ECR plasma sources
15. Mitsutoshi Aramaki (Nihon University), Inevitable Limitation of Plane Wave Laser Spectroscopy, and a Solution by Using Optical Vortex
16. Weili Fan (Hebei University), Nonlinear pattern formation and kinetic simulation in dielectric barrier discharge
17. Lin I (NCU), Defect dynamics in cold dusty plasma liquids
18. A. Ando (Tohoku University), Development of a large negative hydrogen ion source operated with radio frequency power and calculation of a photo-neutralizer
19. M. Sakamoto (Divertor Simulation and Hydrogen Recycling Study Utilizing End Region of the Tandem Mirror GAMMA 10/PDX)
20. Haruhiko Saitoh (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics, Germany), Radial Compression of Positron Orbits in a Dipole Magnetic Field by Rotating Electric Fields
21. Hongbin Ding (Dalian University of Technology), Application of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for characterization of impurities deposits
   and deuterium retention in EAST tokamak

22. Prabal K. Chattopadhyay (IPR, India), Experimental Observation of Nonlinear Coupling between Kelvin Helmholtz and Drift Instability in a Linear Plasma Device
23. H.Himura (Kyoto Institute of Technology), Experimental exploration of two-fluid plasmas by use of non-neutral plasmas
24. Ming Liu (USTC), Ion Cyclotron Resonance Heating (ICRH) system for the Keda Mirror with AXisymmetry (KMAX)
25. Munan Lin(USTC), A new colliding and merging field-reversed configuration (FRC) in KMAX tandem mirror
26. Kimiya Komurasaki (U. Tokyo), Space Propulsion Powered by Millimeter-Wave Discharge
27. Stephen Vincena (UCLA), Shear Alfvén wave propagation in nonuniform plasmas at the U.S. Basic Plasma Science Facility
28. Yan FENG(Soochow University), Equation of State for 2D Liquid Dusty Plasmas and Applications

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