Invited Speakers
Fundamental Plasma Physics

1. D.F. Escande (Aix-Marseille University, France), N-body description of Debye shielding and Landau damping
2. Yi-Hsin Liu (Univ. Maryland, USA), Physics of Collisionless Reconnection
3. Ryusuke Numata (University of Hyogo), Energy Partition during Magnetic Reconnection in Weakly Collisional Plasmas
4. W. W. Lee (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory), Coupling of Electromagnetic Micro turbulence with MHD Equilibria
5. H. Sugama (NIFS), Extension of gyrokinetic field theory
6. TS Hahm (SNU), Modern gyrokinetic description of zonal flows
7. Lu Wang (HUST), Gyrokinetic Theory of Intrinsic Rotation
8. Jungyeon Cho(Chungnam National University, Korea), Alfvenic Turbulence in Strongly Magnetized Media
9. Y. Kosuga (Kyushu University), Cross Scale Energy Transfer in Parallel Flow Shear Driven Turbulence
10. Zhanhui Wang(Southwestern Institute of Physics), Physics of Neutral Gas Jet Interaction with Magnetized Plasmas
11. Tzihong Chiueh (National Taiwan University), Gravitational Dynamics of Wave Dark Matter
12. Zhibin Guo (UCSD), Zonal Flow Patterns: How Toroidal Coupling Induces Phase Jumps and Shear Layers
13. Kaijun Zhao (Southwestern Institute of Physics), Synchronization of geodesic acoustic modes and magnetic fluctuations in tokamak plasmas
14. MarcoVeranda (Consorzio RFX), New helical states with transport barriers in the reversed-field pinch: modelling predictions confirmed by experiments
15. Jian Liu (USTC), Largest Particle Simulations Downgrade the Runaway Electron Risk for ITER
16. Hiroshi Tanabe (U. Tokyo), Recent progress of magnetic reconnection research in high field merging experiment using 2D imaging diagnostics
17. Thanh Tinh Tran(NFRI), Numerical Investigation of Zonal Flow Enhancement due to Conversion of Parallel Compression
18. Min-Gu Yoo(SNU), Anomalous plasma transports during the ohmic breakdown in a tokamak
19. Z.B.Shi(Southwestern Institute of Physics), Investigation of ELM mitigation with supersonic molecular beam injection on the HL-2A tokamak
20. P. Diamond(UCSD, SWIP), Pattern Formation in Turbulent and Laminar Spinodal Decompositions
21. M. Hirota(Institute of Fluid Science, Tohoku University), Gyrofluid Energy Principle and Its Application to Fast Magnetic Reconnection
22. Fan Guo (LANL), Nonthermal Particle Acceleration in Magnetic Reconnection
23. Yang Wan(Tsinghua University), Physical Mechanism of the Intrinsic Transverse Instability In laser Radiation Pressure Ion Acceleration
24. R. Dewar (ANU), Preliminary investigations on fully dynamical Multiregion Relaxed MHD (MRxMHD)
25. Rui Ke(Southwestern Institute of Physics), Study of nonlinear internal and kinetic energy exchange between turbulence and shear flows via cross-bispectrum analysis
   on HL-2A tokamak
26. ZW Ma (Zhejiang University), Effective resistivity in collisionless magnetic reconnection
27. Grigory Vekstein (University of Manchester), Nonliniar forced magnetic reconnection and onset of plasmoid instability

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