Magnetic Fusion Plasma Physics
Invited Speakers
1. Richard Pitts(ITER), Edge and Divertor Physics for ITER 
2. Yi Liu(SWIP), Overview of HL-2A Recent Experiments 
3. Yunfeng Liang(ASIPP), Recent advances in EAST physics experiments towards high-performance steady-state H-mode operation 
4. YK Oh(NFRI), Recent progress of the KSTAR experiments in exploring the science and technologies relevant to the ITER and DEMO 
5. E. Joffrin(CEA), JET isotope experiments and scenario development: towards the DT phase 
6. Zhoujun Yang (HUST), Overview of the Joint-Texas EXperimental tokamak 
7. J. Ghosh (IPR), Experimental Results from Aditya and Aditya Upgrade Tokamak 
8. Hendrik Meyer (CCFE), Research on European Medium Sized Tokamaks towards ITER and DEMO
9. Joerg Stober (IPP), Development of integrated scenarios for ITER and DEMO on ASDEX Upgrade
10Ge Zhuang (HUST), The progress of CFETR Physics design
11. Michelle Romanelli (CCFE), Integrated Modelling preparing for high-beta Scenarios on JT-60SA
12. H. Okada (IAE, Kyoto U.), Studies of Magnetic Field Configuration in Heliotron J
13. Zhe Gao(Tsinghua U.), Some new experimental results and development in the SUNIST spherical tokamak
14.Y.S. Na (SNU), Status and plan of Versatile Experiment Spherical Torus (VEST)
15. M. Hasegawa(RIAM), Efforts toward Steady State Operation in Long Duration Discharges with the Control of Hot Wall Temperature on QUEST
16. Y. Takase (U.Tokyo), Plasma Current Start-up by the Lower Hybrid Wave in the TST-2 Spherical Tokamak
17. Matteo Zuin (RFX), The Reversed Field Pinch Physics: the Low Field Alternative to Fusion
18. W. Liu(USTC), Recent progress on Keda Torus Experiment
19. S. Masamune(KIT), Attainment of high electron beta and new QSH regime in a low-aspect-ratio Reversed Field Pinch
20. Xuan Sun (USTC), Overview of KMAX experiments
21. X.L. Zou (CEA), Effect of Shear Flow Oscillation and turbulence on ELM Mitigation with SMBI in the EAST and HL-2A
22. A. Ekedahl (CEA), LHCD experiments on HL-2A and EAST towards high confinement and long pulse operation
23. J.W. Coenen(Jülich), Tungsten plasma-facing components in fusion: edge power loading and melting -  a showstopper for future fusion devices?
24. Andreas Kirschner(Jülich),Modelling of plasma-wall interaction and impurity transport in magnetic fusion devices
25. Yueqiang Liu (General Atomics, USA), Physics and Control of Macroscopic Instabilities in Magnetically Confined Fusion Plasmas
26. Weiwen Xiao (IFTS, Zhejiang U.), Evidence of Propagation Dynamics with the Resonant Magnetic Perturbations Field in H-mode Plasmas
27. Wenlu ZHANG (IOP, CAS), Gyrokinetic Particle Simulation of Fast Electron Driven Beta-induced Alfven Eigenmodes
28. Yong Xiao(IFTS, Zhejiang U.), Reverse Trend of Turbulent Transport Coefficients in Strong Gradient Fusion Plasmas
29. Li Li (Donghua U), Toroidal modeling towards understanding of ELM mitigation and suppression by RMP fields.
30. Ben Zhu(Dartmouth College), Global 3D Two-Fluid Simulations of Turbulent Transport in the Tokamak Edge Region: Turbulence, Profile Evolution
   and Spontaneous E x B rotation
31. Francesca Poli (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory), Power management in ITER for NTM control, the path from the commissioning phase
   to the demonstration baseline
32. Walter Guttenfelder(Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory), Validating gyrokinetic predictions using NSTX-U plasmas
33. Zhirui Wang(Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory), Full toroidal computation of resistive MHD instabilities based on asymptotic matching approach
34. Nikolai Gorelenkov(Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory), Frontiers in energetic particle research in fusion
35. Zheng-Xiong Wang (Dalian University of Technology), Nonlinear Interaction of Neo-classical Tearing Modes in Tokamak Plasmas
36. Ping Zhu (USTC), MHD Modeling of Edge Localized Modes in Tokamaks
37. M. J. Choi (NFRI), Interplay of a magnetic island, flow and temperature profiles, and turbulence
38. Jinil Chung(NFRI), Internal transport barrier (ITB) formation in KSTAR
39. Minwoo Kim(UNIST), Study of nonlinear ELM dynamics using MHD simulation and ECEI observation in KSTAR H-mode plasma
40. Joohwan Hong(KAIST), Studies on Ar and Kr impurity transport in KSTAR plasmas
41. Piero Martin(RFX), Active and integrated control of plasma stability in magnetized fusion plasmas
42. Youwen Sun(ASIPP), Edge magnetic topology effect on ELM control using RMP
43. Liang Wang(ASIPP), Active handling of heat flux and impurity accumulation in EAST long pulse operation with tungsten divertor
44. Mark D. Nornberg(University of Wisconsin), Using Integrated Data Analysis to optimize measurements critical to the validation of MHD simulations
45. Shaojie Wang (USTC), Nonlinear Gyrokinetic Simulation of ITG turbulence based on the Numerical Lie-Transform method
46. Wei Chen (SWIP), Kinetic Electromagnetic Instabilities in an ITB Pasma with Weak Magnetic Shear
47. Wulyu Zhong (SWIP),Excitation of Electromagnetic Turbulence by Edge Self accumulated and Externally Seeded Impurity in the HL-2A H-mode Plasmas
48. Andrea Garofalo (GA), Advances in Physics Understanding and Normalized Performance of the Quiescent H-mode Regime for ELM-Stable Operation
   in Future Burning Plasma
50. David Humphreys (GA), Control Physics Advances in DIII-D and Long Pulse Devices Applied to Robust, Disruption-Free Operation
51. Chaofeng Sang (Dalian University of Technology),SOLPS modeling of the divertor plasma and its impact on the upstream plasma condition
52. Huishan Cai (USTC), Influence of energetic ions on neoclassical tearing modes
53. LE Zakharov (LiWFusion), Plasma boundary as a key factor in toroidal magnetic confinement
54. Timothy Stoltzfus-Dueck (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory),Parasitic Momentum Flux in the Tokamak Core
55. M. Hole (ANU), The impact of anisotropy and plasma flow on tokamak plasma configuration and plasma stability
56. S. Satake (NIFS), Global and Local Drift-Kinetic Simulation Models for Neoclassical Viscosities
57. J. Weiland (Chalmers University of Technology), The role of zonal flows in reactive fluid closures
58. Feng Wang (Dalian University of Technology), Passing Energetic Ions Driving Fishbone Instability in Tokamak Plasmas         
59. T. Onchi (RIAM), Present status of current-drive system in QUEST spherical tokamak
60. K. Kuroda (RIAM), Coaxial Helicity Injection experiment on QUEST
61. H. Rizvi(PINSTECH, Islamabad, Pakistan), Radially localized kinetic BAEs in Tokamak Plasmas
62. Jiansheng Hu(ASIPP), Recent results of Li experiments in EAST with W divertor
63. Zhiyong Qiu(IFTS, Zhejiang U.), Nonlinear processes and saturated spectrum of Alfvén eigenmodes in tokamak plasmas
64. GS Xu(ASIPP), Stationary Small/No ELM H-mode Regimes for High-performance Steady-state Operations in EAST
65. Chengkang Pan(ASIPP), In/Out Impurity Density Asymmetries in A Rotating Tokamak Plasma
66. Lei Ye (ASIPP), Verification of gyrokinetic ITG simulation and validation studies of turbulence transport on the EAST tokamak
67. Siye Ding(ASIPP),Confinement Improvement in the High Poloidal Beta Regime towards Steady State Tokamak Operation and Application to Fusion Reactor 
68. Haiqing Liu (ASIPP), Advances in diagnostic developments for steady-state tokamak operation on EAST and in support of future applications on CFETR 
69. Wenfeng Guo (ASIPP), Axisymmetric Electrostatic MHD oscillations in tokamak with toroidal flow 
70. Yi Tan (Tsinghua U.), Toroidal Alfven Eigenmodes during Minor Disruptions in Ohmic Plasmas
71. S.W. Yoon (NFRI), Development of high performance scenario toward high beta steady-state plasmas at KSTAR
72. Y. In (NFRI), Comprehensive understanding of critical conditions near the onset of RMP-driven ELM-crash suppression
73. J.K. Park(Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory), Optimization of Resonant and Non-resonant Magnetic Perturbations in KSTAR
74. W.H. Ko (NFRI), The LH Transition Studies under Non-axisymmetric Magnetic Fields in KSTAR
75. S. Sabbagh(Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory), Investigation of the Generalized Neoclassical Toroidal Viscosity offset rotation profile in KSTAR.
76. S. Yi (NFRI), Turbulence Spreading as a Non-local Mechanism of Global Confinement Degradation
77. Hongpeng Qu (SWIP), Magnetic islands and neoclassical currents
78. Jun Cheng (SWIP), Observation of streamer as a trigger of ELM in HL-2A experiments
79. Luming Yu (SWIP), Overview of recent MHD instabilities excited by energetic electrons in the HL-2A
80. Yong Shen (SWIP), Electromagnetic Instabilities Induced by Impurity Density Gradient in Toroidal Plasmas
81. Yunbo Dong (SWIP), Experimental results of disruption mitigation with SMBI and MGI on HL-2A
82. X. Q. Ji (SWIP), Plasma Scenario Development for the HL-2M tokamak
83. G.Y. Zheng (SWIP), Modelling of heat load and impurity for HL-2M advanced divertor 
84. K. Ida (NIFS), Abrupt onset of tongue deformation in LHD plasmas 
85. T. Ido (NIFS), Energetic particle-driven Geodesic Acoustic Mode in the Large Helical Device 
86. Mike Walsh (ITER O.), ITER Diagnostics 
87. Jia Zhu (Zhejiang University), Nonlinear dynamics of toroidal Alfvén eigenmodes in presence of tearing mode

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