Plenary Speakers
1.     2017 S. Chandrasekhar Prize Laureate
2.     Gregory Falkovich (Weizman Institute of Science) " What flows are generated by turbulent inverse cascades?”
3.     Tomohiko Watanabe (Nagoya Univ.), “Gyrokinetic simulations of multiscale turbulence interaction”
4.     George Tynan (UCSD, SWIP), “Fundamental studies of fusion-relevant turbulent transport and plasma self-organization physics in a linear plasma device”
5.     Shigeru Inagaki (Kyushu University), “Axial and Azimuthal Flows Driven by Turbulence in a Linear Plasma Device “
6.     Vladimir E. Fortov (Russian Academy of Sciences), “Extreme States of Plasma on Earth and Space”
7.     Yasushi Ono (the University of Tokyo), “High Power Heating of Magnetic Reconnection in Torus Plasma Merging Experiments”
8.     S. Shinohara (TUAT), “Advanced Electrodeless Propulsion using High-Density Helicon Plasma Source”
9.     Hiroshi Akatsuka (TIT), “Diagnostics of N2-Based Gas Discharge Plasma by Optical Emission Spectroscopy on Atomic and Molecular Processes”
10.  Hui-Chun Wu (Zhejiang University, China), Ball lightning: History, Theory and Perspective
11.  Hong Qin (USTC, Princeton), “Structure-preserving geometric algorithms for plasma physics”.
12.  Yong-Xin Liu (Dalian University of Technology), “Charged species dynamics in capacitively coupled radio-frequency plasmas”
13.  Hisataka Hayashi (Toshiba Coop.), “Dry etching technologies for next generation devices “
14.  Mahendra Sunkara (University of Louisville), “Low pressure and atmospheric pressure plasma interactions with molten metals and liquid droplets for materials processing “
15.  Yuzuru Ikehara (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology), “Low temperature Plasma as a novel technology to process organ, tissue and biomaterials
   - From the view point of blood coagulation by low temperature plasma treatment “
16.   Xian Tu He (Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics), “Advancing inertial confinement fusion program in China”.
17.  Tomonao Hosokai (ILE, Osaka University), “Status of Laser wakefield Acceleration Research under ImPACT-UPL Program in Japan” .
18.  Jean-Luc Miquel (Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives (CEA)), “Laser Mega Joule status and program overview” 
19.  Hyung Taek Kim (Center for relativistic Laser Science, IBS), “Overview on the development of laser electron accelerators and radiation sources with PW lasers”
20.  Daniel Baker (University of Colorado), “Relativistic Particle Acceleration and Loss in Our Cosmic Backyard: Van Allen Radiation Belt Exploration”
21.  Atsuhiro Nishida (Inst. Space Astro. Science (ISAS)), “New Challenges in Space Science – A review”
22.  Bruce T. Tsurutani (confirmed) “Space Plasma Physics Applied: Global Climate Change”
23.  Guru Ganguli (tbc), “Use of laboratory experiments in understanding the space plasma phenomenon”
24.  Katsuji Koyama (Kyoto Univ.),  (confirmed) “On supernova remnants, Galactic center, and protostars”
25.  Tarun Souradeep Ghosh “Gravitational Waves and LIGO-India”
26.  Kanya Kusano, “Understanding and Predicting the Onset of Solar Eruptions “
27.  Hui Li (Los Alamos National Laboratory), “Laboratory Plasma Astrophysics: Progress and Future Prospects”
28.  Yutong Li (IOP, CAS), “Bringing astrophysics to laboratories”
29.  David Campbell (ITER Organization), “The ITER Project: progress in construction and the preparations for operation”
30.  Baonian Wan (ASIPP), “Challenges in support of steady-state tokamak operation for fusion reactor”
31.  Hyeon Park (UNIST), “Progress of the research and vision of KSTAR for fusion science”
32.  Masaki Osakabe (NIFS), “Initial result from LHD deuterium experiment and its future plan “
33.   Xuru Duan, “Contributions of HL-2A/2M programme to ITER-relevant Issues”,

Summary Speaker (Plenary)
34.  Min Xu (SWIP), “Summary of Fundamental Plasma sessions”
35.  Abhijit Sen (IPR), “Summary of Basic Plasma sessions”
36.  Masaharu Shiratani (Kyushu Univ.), “Summary of Applied Plasma sessions”
37.  Zheng-Ming Sheng (SJTU), “Summary of Laser Plasma sessions”
38.  Lou-Chuang Lee (Academia Sinica), “Summary of Space Plasma sessions”
39.  Peng-Fei Chen (Nanjin U.), “Summary of Solar/Astro Plasma Sessions”
40.  Jiangang Li (ASIPP), “Summary of Magnetic Confinement Fusion Plasma sessions”