Solar/Astro Plasma Physics
Invited Speakers

1. Shashikumar M. Chitre (Academic Chairperson and Emeritus Professor, CBS, University of Mumbai), to be decided.
2. Takenori J. Okamoto ( NAOJ Chile Observatory) , Solar MHD phenomena observed by Hinode
3. Takaaki Yokoyama (The University of Tokyo), MHD waves and jets in the solar atmosphere
4. Kandaswamy Subramanian (Inter University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics, Pune University Campus), Astrophysical dynamos - basic questions and galactic dynamos
5. Prateek Sharma(Indian Institute of Science), plasma processes in the intergalactic medium in clusters of galaxies
6. Hiroyuki Takahashi (National Astronomical Observatory of Japan), Radiation Magnetohydrodynamic Simulations of Accretion Flows and Outflows
7. Hideyuki Hotta (Chiba University), High Resolution Simulations of Solar Dynamo
8. Yosuke Matsumoto (Chiba University), Three-dimensional PIC Simulations of Particle Acceleration
9. J. Lin (Yunnan Astro. Observ., China),  Geometric Scale and Turbulent Features of the CME/Flare Current Sheet
10. D. J. Wu (Purple Mount. Observ., China), Application of kinetic Alfven waves in solar coronal heating
11. M. Zhang (National Astron. Observ., China), The role of current helicity in driving solar dynamo
12. Gwangson Choe (Kyung Hee University, Korea), Magnetic fields in solar surface
13. Dong-Hun Lee (Kyung Hee University, Korea), Waves in magnetosphere
14. Jungjoon Seough (Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute), Wave-particle interaction in solar wind
15. De-Fu Bu (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences), Wind from black hole accretion system and its observational applications
16. Tsuyoshi Inoue (Nagoya University), Turbulent magnetic field and High-energy emissions from young supernova remnant
17. Yutaka Ohira (Aoyama Gakuin University), Particle accelerations, plasma instabilities, and collisionless shocks in partially ionized plasmas
18. Kengo Tomida (Osaka University), Formation of Circumstellar Disks and Non-Ideal Magnetohydrodynamic Effects
19. Makoto Takamoto (The University of Tokyo), Effects of Turbulence on Relativistic Magnetic Reconnection in Poynting-Dominated Plasmas
20. Andrew Hiller (University of Exeter), The magnetic Rayleigh-Taylor instability in solar prominences
21. Dipankar Banerjee (Indian Institute of Astrophysics), Wave observations in the solar corona, and their potential role for wave heating theories of the solar corona
22. Bart van der Holst (University of Michigan), Global solar wind model
23. Ellen Zweibel ( University of Wisconsin ), Plasma physics of cosmic rays
24. Ryo Yamazaki (Aoyama Gakuin University), Low-mach-number collisionless shocks in astrophysical and laboratory plasmas
25. Don Melrose (University of Sydney, Australia), Rethinking the solar flare paradigm
26. Jiayong Zhong (Beijing Normal University, China ), Laser driven magnetic reconnection experiments in high and low beta plasm

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