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There are number of plasma schools which may be useful for Asia-Pacific students and young researchers.This page provide informations schooling opportunities in Asia-Pacific region and also all over the world. 

 Asia-Pacific school information:
Sokendai Asian Winter School(AWS2014)
  * Date: Dec.2, 2014 ‐ Dec. 5, 2014
  * Location: National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan
  * Intended for: Students and young researchers in Japan and Asian countries
  * Capacity: 30 people
  2nd ASEAN School on Plasma and Nuclear Fusion  Jan 18-22, 2015. Chulalongkorn
  University, Bangkok,, Thailand
  It will be an intensive one-week course taught by fusion experts in the field. This school is part of the
  Cooperation Agreement in the Field of Magnetic Fusion Research between CEA and TINT/SIIT/TU.
  East -Asia School and Workshop on Laboratory, Space and Astrophysical Plasmas
   This school is started in 2011 and the first school is held at KIAA, Peking University, China,
   2nd school at Jeju Island, Korea in 2012, 3rd school at Tokyo, Japan in 2013.4th East-Asia
   School will be held at Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin, China in July 28-August1, 2014.

  4th East-Asia School and Workshop on Laboratory,Space and Astrophysical Plasmas
 World-wide school information:

DPG (German physical society)  school on "The physics of ITER"


 Fusion Physics   M. Kikuchi,K. Lackner,  M.Q. Tran (Ed.)
   IAEA(International Atomic Energy Agency) 2012
 This book is an extensive text by world leading fusion plasma physicists covering, confinement, turbulent  
 transport, equilibrium and stability, plasma diagnostics, heating and current drive, plasma-wall interaction,
  helical confinement, road spectrum of magnetic configurations, inertial confinement.
 This book is published by IAEA in 2012. You can download freely at the following web.

Past Items 
   The 7th ITER INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL will be organized in Aix en Provence (France) from
   August 25th to August 30th 2014. The Topic is "  High Performance Computing in Fusion Science "
   and  the deadline for registration is June 1st, 2014.
Joint ICTP-IAEA College on Advanced Plasma Physics
   This school is organized by ICTP (International Center for Theoretical Physics) and IAEA.
   Advisory committee includes ExCo members Profs L. Chen, M. Kikuchi, A. Sen, and IHAC
   member Prof. R. Dewar.
Festival de Théorie