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Links to Other Plasma Related Physics Resources
AAPPS   Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies AAPPS Bulletin
  American Physical Society
American Institute of Physics
The Astronomical Society of Japan
European Physical Society
Plasma Science Society of India
NFRI    National Fusion Research Institute (Kerea)
JSPF     The Japan Society of Plasma Science and Nuclear Fusion Research
SGEPSS   Society of Geomagnetism and Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences

AAPPS Member Societies
Australian Institute of Physics  http://www.aip.org.au/
The Chinese Physical Society  http://www.cps-net.org.cn/
The Physical Society of Hong Kong  https://www.pshk.org.hk/
Indian Physics Association  http://www.tifr.res.in/~ipa1970/
Indonesian Physical Society  http://hfi.fisika.net/
The Physical Society of Japan  http://www.jps.or.jp/english/
The Japan Society of Applied Physics  http://www.jsap.or.jp/english
Kazakh Physical Society  http://kazps.kz/index.php?page=home
The Korean Physical Society  http://www.kps.or.kr/home/kor/ 
Malaysian Institute of Physics  http://ifm.org.my/
Mongolian Physical Society

Nepal Physical Society     http://www.nps.org.np/
New Zealand Institute of Physics  http://nzip.org.nz/
Physics Society of the Philippines  www.spp-online.org
Institute of Physics, Singapore  http://ipssingapore.org/
The Physical Society located in Taipei  https://www.ps-taiwan.org/
Thai Physics Society  http://www.thaiphysoc.org/
Vietnam National Institute of Physics  http://www.iop.vast.ac.vn        

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