Scope of the AAPPS-DPP2019

AAPPS-DPP2019 is a plasma physics conference under the authority of AAPPS-DPP for scientific discussions on plasma physics. This conference should be physics oriented and provide interdisciplinary and in-depth discussions among and in various fields of plasma physics and application.

Topics of the Conference

Scientific program will be categorized into following 9 fields.
CD Cross Disciplinary(Focused Topics)
Fundamental plasma(Focused Topics) 
B   Basic plasma  
Applied plasma  
Laser plasma 
SG  Space & Geomag plasma  
SA Solar/Astro plasma  
MF Magnetic Fusion plasma 

1) CD focused topics: Nonlinear Wave-Particle Interaction, Transitions, Relaxation

2) F focused topics: The "Fundamental”category is for presentations that have universal impact disseminating to wide area of sciences. The sessions will be built around the following four subjects:
1 Nonlinear physics (including Hamiltonian structure, integrability, chaos, turbulence, etc.). 2 Linear theory (including spectral analysis, non-Hermitian system, symmetry breaking/chirality, etc.).
3 Statistical physics (including entropy,non-equilibrium system, SOC, turbulence, etc.).
4 Modeling (including toy model, topological dynamics, quantum/relativistic system, etc.).

3) B(Basic) session will cover a variety of subjects in basic plasma physics (including topics on plasma diagnostics, numerical simulation dusty plasma, plasma source, propulsion, and heating systems). 


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