Message from the Chairman
General Association Inc. Division of plasma physics,
 Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS-DPP)
 December 20, 201

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 Mitsuru Kikuchi
  Chairman and CEO, AAPPS-DPP  

 AAPPS-DPP was created as the first division under AAPPS (Mitsuru Kikuchi (Supreme researcher, JAEA at that time) as Chairman) by a resolution of AAPPS council held at Taipei on April, 2014 through the recommendation of Prof. M. Nagamiya (AAPPS president at that time) and the proposal of 92 founders from regions of Japan, Beijing, Korea, India, Australia, Taipei, and ASEAN having a strong basis of plasma physics program over 300 participants in APPC-12 held in July 2013 in Chiba Makuhari.

 Objective of AAPPS-DPP are mutual exchange of plasma researchers in the field of Fundamental, Basic, Applied plasma, Laser plasma, Space& Geomagnetism plasma, Solar&Astro plasma and Magnetic Fusion plasma and the deepening of understanding of plasma physics as common basis.

 As part of AAPPS-DPP activities, the selection of S. Chandrasekhar Prize of Plasma Physics was started since 2014. Ceremony of Chandrasekhar prizewinners for 2014-2016 was made at APPC-13 in 2016. Annual division meeting has been started since 2017. The first annual meeting was held during September 2017 at Chengdu in China (http://aappsdpp.org/DPP2017/index.html) and the second annual conference was held during November 2018 at Kanazawa in Japan (http://aappsdpp.org/DPP2018/index.html). AAPPS-DPP recognizes significant works of DPP members through the Young research award (U40), the PhD and Student award (U30) and the poster prize.

 Currently, there are few world-leading journals in Asia and Asian researchers tend to submit their important research papers to Physical Review Letters, or Reviews of Modern Physics etc. AAPPS-DPP started a review journal RMPP (Reviews of Modern Plasma Physics) from 2017 in cooperation with Springer Nature publishing co-ltd aiming at to form a third party in managing leading research journals.  https://www.springer.com/physics/atomic,+molecular,+optical+&+plasma+physics/journal/41614

  Considering the successful management of annual conference by AAPPS-DPP, AAPPS-DPP changed its legal status from a voluntary organization to the general incorporated association in November 2018. I would like to operate AAPPS-DPP with all colleagues to be helpful for the research activities of AAPPS-DPP members. I sincerely hope cooperation of all DPP members.