Registration Fee

Registration fee should be paid on-line before the conference. At the conference site, payment will take time since there will be minimum peoples in charge. Member fee is applied to AAPPS-DPP members and members of endorsed societies. Registration fee includes 1) Admission to all conference sessions, 2) Coffee break, welcome reception, 3) Conference Materials.



Early Registration
before September 30

After Sept. 30


50,000 JPY

60,000 JPY

Non member

60, 000 JPY

70, 000 JPY

Student and Retired

25, 000 JPY

30, 000 JPY


a) Welcome Reception: There will be a reception on Sunday (Nov. 11)
  18:00-20:30. Place will be noticed later.

b) Lunch box: Lunch box of 1000JPY can be reserved for Nov. 12-16
  through registration homepage.

c) Conference dinner: Conference dinner will be on Thursday (Nov. 15)
  19:30-22:00 at Japanese style restaurant (SEN, AKANEDOKI) near
  Kanazawa station. Conference dinner fee is 6000 JPY for full participant
  and 4000 JPY for .

                Site for Registration

Entry into Japan

Every visitor entering Japan must have a valid passport.
Visitors from
countries whose citizens require visas should apply to the Japanese consulate or diplomatic mission in their own countries.  

For further information, please visit:  
Visa/Residing in Japan

   It sometimes takes more than a month to obtain a visa from the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country.
We strongly recommend you to complete the registration and payment
well in advance to receive the application form for supporting documents for your visa application from the Secretariat.

VISA requirement
Participants who need VISA should contact LOC (
Registration fee should be paid in advance before you apply VISA.
Deadline for VISA registration is scheduled to be September 20. However, LOC is afraid of rush of registration on the days near September 20.
Please note to complete the VISA registration at least before September 10, preferably before September 5 to avoid the confusion.
 1. Register yourself at Registration site
 2. Click Visa “Required” and select Country to apply Visa.

The documents issued by the organizer do not assure the applicants of obtaining the visa but will be judged by the Japanese Embassy or Consulate where you have applied for your visa.

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