AAPPS-DPP2020 as e‐conference
4th Asia Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics
26-31, October, 2020

Division of Plasma Physics,  Association of Asia-Pacific Physical Societies

Prize and Awards

  We have following AAPPS-DPP prize and awards in 2020.

1.  2020 S. Chandrasekhar Prize of Plasma Physics:

Heyon Park

: Through his original and pioneering works in fusion plasma diagnostics, the electron cyclotron emission imaging (ECEI) and microwave imaging reflectometry enabled to visualize magnetohydrodynamic instabilities and turbulent fluctuations withunprecedented high-resolution, leading to rich discoveries of novel plasma physics phenomena, for example, in the sawtooth crash process and the edge localized mode events. The plasma physics research assisted by the advanced imaging diagnostics enhanced the synergies with numerical modeling and theories, and elevated fusion plasma research program in Korea. Nowadays the ECEI system is a standard research tool in majority of toroidal devices.


2.  2020 AAPPS-DPP Plasma Innovation Prize

Masaru Hori

Citation: For his outstanding contributions to diverse range of applied and fundamental plasma science and technology using low-temperature plasmas, in particular, for the carbon film mask technology development for plasma etching for semiconductor manufacturing technologies; for invention and commercialization of ultra-compact atomic radicals measurement equipment and high-density radical source for radical controlled plasma processing and synthesis for functionalized materials; and for discoveries related to the use of plasma activated medium/lactic in plasma medicine for selective killing of various cancer cells

3. 2020 AAPPS-DPP Young Researcher Award (U40)

Selection committee: Dominique Escande(Chair), Abhijit Sen, Shih-Hung Chen,
Yoshiharu Omura, Jongchul Chae, G. Ravindra Kumar, Jiaqi Dong,

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1) Jiansen He

  For his significant contributions in observational and theoretical studies of plasma turbulence in the solar wind by investigating their wavelike nature, dissipation/heating mechanisms and cascade processes at kinetic scales.  

Yutaka Ohira
For his pioneering contributions to our understanding of collisionless shocks in partially ionized plasmas and to providing insights into the escape mechanism of cosmic rays from astrophysical accelerators.

3) Su-Ming Weng
For his outstanding achievements in the field of plasma optics related to high-power laser sciences and inertial confinement fusion, and for his contributions towards plasma transport theory under extreme high field conditions.

Atsushi M. Ito
For his outstanding contributions towards development of novel methods for simulation studies of plasma-material interactions and in furthering our understanding of the formation mechanism of tungsten fuzzy nanostructures induced by helium plasma irradiation.

Liang Wang
For his outstanding contributions to power and particle exhaust in long pulse H-mode plasmas with ITER-like tungsten divertor, including development of advanced control schemes and discoveries on the mechanism of divertor heat flux spreading in dominant RF electron heating regimes.

Minjun Choi 
For his exceptional contributions towards the understanding of electron transport in tokamaks arising from nonlinear interactions between magnetic islands and turbulence using imaging diagnostics and big data analysis methods.

4. 2020 AAPPS-DPP U30 Doctoral Scientist/Student Award(U30)

Selection committee: Kunioki Mima (Chair), Hiroshi Yamada, Ding Li, Hantao Ji ,
Michel Koenig , Avinash Khare , Jungpyo Lee, F. Cheng

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1) Tingyu Gou

Research on the physics of solar flare and coronal mass ejection


Zheng Gong

Research on gamma photon emission and radiation reaction effect in laser plasma interaction


 Yuxue Zhang

Research on physics of intense attosecond pulse generation in intense laser plasma interactions


Xing-Long Zhu
Research on the physics of laser wake field acceleration and high energy gamma-ray generation


5) Po-Cheng Lin 

Research on the physics of generation of multiscale acoustic vortices in dust acoustic wave turbulence


Prasun Dhang
Research on numerical study of MRI and dynamo in accretion flows

Guoliang Xiao 
  Research on the simulation code development of MFE plasma turbulence and controlling control ELM in Tokamak 

5. AAPPS-DPP 2020 Poster Prize:

Selection committee chair:



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